Listed options trading 101: An Introduction

Options trading in Singapore has become increasingly popular because of its potential for significant returns and low risk. Options trading is the buying and selling contracts that give the right to trade an asset at a pre-determined price on or before a specific date. It can speculate on the market direction or hedge against risk.

Put and call options

Options are divided into two types; calls and puts. A call option allows you to buy an underlying asset at a pre-determined strike price by a specific expiration date. If the share price rises above this strike price before expiration, then the option will be “in the money”, and you can exercise your option to buy shares of stock at a discount.

On the other hand, a put option gives you the right to sell an underlying asset at a pre-determined strike price by a specific expiration date. If the share price falls below this strike price before expiration, the option will be “in the money”, and you can exercise your option to sell shares of stock at a premium.

Understand the risks

Options trading is unsuitable for all investors due to its high-risk nature. Before investing in options, it is essential to understand implied volatility, time decay and delta. Implied volatility measures how much movement is expected in an underlying asset’s price over time.

Time decay measures how quickly an option’s value can erode or increase over time as expiration approaches. Delta measures how much the option’s price will move relative to a single point in the underlying asset’s price.

Options strategies

As with any investment, various strategies can be used when trading options. These include buying and writing calls or puts, covered calls, protective puts, married puts and collar trades. Buying and writing calls or puts is the most basic form of options trading, which involves buying or selling call/put contracts to speculate on market direction.

Covered calls involve holding a long position in an underlying asset while writing (selling) call contracts against it. A protective put involves simultaneously holding a long position in an underlying asset and buying put contracts against it to protect against losses as prices fall.

Married puts involve simultaneously holding a long position in an underlying asset and buying put contracts against it to increase leverage. Finally, collar trades involve holding a long position in an underlying asset, writing call contracts against it and buying put contracts to protect against losses.

Use a reputable broker before investing in listed options

Using a reputable broker before investing in listed options can incredibly benefit investors. A good broker will provide valuable advice and guidance to help you make informed investment and trading decisions. They can also provide access to sophisticated tools that can give you an edge when trading options, such as charting software, real-time quotes and market news.

A Saxo Capital Markets Singapore broker will also offer competitive fees and commissions on trades, allowing you to maximise your profits with minimal costs. Additionally, brokers have access to research reports from various sources, which could give you insight into the performance of certain stocks or indices that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Finally, using a reputable broker means having someone knowledgeable about the markets and knowing how to manage risk to protect your capital while maximising returns. Brokers are trained professionals who understand what it takes to succeed in this highly volatile environment. They’ll work closely with you so that together, you can develop sound strategies explicitly tailored to your unique needs as an investor.

Using a reputable broker before investing in listed options provides numerous advantages, including expert advice on investment decisions; access to sophisticated tools; competitive fees; comprehensive research reports; and professional management of risks associated with this highly volatile type of investment. Ultimately, these advantages can improve your chances of success and maximise your profits when trading listed options.


Options trading can be a powerful tool for investors looking to profit from market movements. However, it is essential to understand the risks and strategies associated with options before investing. You can become a successful options trader by understanding implied volatility, time decay and delta and utilising various strategies such as buying/selling calls or puts, covered calls, protective puts, married puts, and collar trades.

How To Become a Magician?

Are you interested in being a magician, and are wondering how to get started? You will find the answer to this question and many others in this blog article. We will go through the necessary steps to becoming a magician including discovering your powers, learning the tricks of trade and using those skills to embark on a career as a magician.

What is Magic?

Magic is the ability to use your mind to make things happen that ordinarily would not. It is an ancient and mysterious force that can be found in both the natural and the supernatural worlds. Some believe that magic is a way of contacting the divine, while others believe it is simply an amazing tool that can be used for good or evil.

Types of magic

Types of magic are as diverse as the magicians who use them, and no two magic systems are exactly alike. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the most common types of magic used in fantasy novels and movies.

Basic magic is the foundation of all others, and it’s basically just putting your thoughts into words and doing something you want to happen. This includes things like casting spells, making potions, or conjuring objects with your mind.

Divine magic is the kind that comes from a higher power. It can be used to heal people or cast powerful spells. Sometimes divine magic is used to punish people or to do things that are against the natural order.

Mystical magic is the type that’s not based on reality. It can involve using your imagination to summon spirits or make contact with other dimensions. Some people believe mystical magic has healing power, while others believe it’s dangerous and can lead to dark forces taking over your life.

How To Become a Magician?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to becoming a magician, as the skills and techniques required vary greatly depending on the discipline. However, there are a few essential steps that anyone aspiring to become a magician should take.

First and foremost, you will need to develop an interest in magic. If you are merely interested in the performing aspect of the trade, then you may not be able to stomach the difficult practice and study that is necessary to become a good magician.

Second, you will need to learn how to perform basic sleight of hand tricks. This knowledge can be learned through books or online tutorials, or by practising on your own. Once you have mastered these basics, you can begin learning more specialized techniques from magic lessons and magic workshops conducted online.

Third, you will need to develop an understanding of magic theory. This includes knowledge about how magic works both physically and mentally, as well as understanding the history and development of the art form. It is also important to understand various magical systems and how they work together.

Fourth, you will need to practice hard! The amount of time and effort required to become a good magician is immense, but with dedication and perseverance it is possible.

Magicians and their Influence

Magicians have always been known for their ability to mystify and amaze their audiences. Even though magicians are now mostly seen as entertainment, they have had a great deal of influence on society.

For example, magicians helped develop illusions and stage magic, which is still used today. Magicians also helped develop sleight of hand and mind-reading techniques, which are used in many performances today. In addition, magicians have had a great deal of influence on law enforcement and crime prevention. For example, magicians have taught police how to detect deception and use psychological tricks to extract information from suspects.

Magic tricks that are easy for beginners

If you’re just starting out in magic, or if you’re looking for some easy tricks to perform at a party, these three tricks are perfect for you!

The Three Easy Magic Tricks You Can Do Tonight

  1. The Coin Vanish: This is a great trick to start with because it’s very simple to do. All you need is a coin and a card. Show the card to your audience and place the coin on top of it. Now slowly slide the card underneath the coin so that it appears to disappear. Your audience will be amazed at how easy this trick is to perform!
  2. The Bicycle Card Trick: This is a very simple trick that can be performed with any kind of card deck. All you need is two cards – one back and one face up. Show the face up card to your audience and put the back card behind it so that the face up card is covered. Now take the back card and make like you are going to show it to someone else, but instead quickly flip it over so that the front side is showing again. Your audience will be amazed at how quickly you were able to do this!
  3. The Rubber Band Ball Trick: This is another great trick for kids and it can be performed by anyone who has access to rubber bands as well as one other person. The trick requires three rubber bands and the special ball that fools even the best card lovers. So get ready to learn a great little trick that people will surely love!

Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Magician

Before you begin your journey down the magical path, there are a few things you should know.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Magicians perform illusions and suspensions of belief for an audience. Be prepared to be amazed!
  2. It is important to develop a good stage presence and learn how to project your voice. Practice making eye contact with your audience and hold their attention throughout your performance.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the terminology used in the trade – terms like “cardigan,” “pectacular,” and “gimmick.” You’ll need to be able to refer to these during performances.
  4. Learn how to deal with difficult situations – some tricks require advanced sleight of hand, so be prepared for unexpected turns in the performance. Practice until you can handle any situation calmly and confidently.
  5. Finally, remember that magic is an art form – don’t try to force things or do things in a way that isn’t true to your own personality and style. Let your magic flow from the heart, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful magician!


Becoming a magician is not as hard as you might think. With the right techniques, it is possible to learn how to perform amazing tricks in just a few short months. There are plenty of resources online that can teach you everything from elementary magic to more advanced illusions and mind-reading feats. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then keep reading for some tips on joining the magical world.

The RPET Bag’s Versatile Role In A Wide Variety Of Situations

The RPET bag is an easy-to-carry solution that offers both convenience and portability for transporting your dry personal essentials throughout the day. This reasonably priced product is crafted from components of superior quality, and it caters to a wide range of needs, including those of both men and women.

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Rpet Bags?

As an alternative method of waste disposal, RPET, also known as recycled plastic grocery bags, are gaining in popularity. The following is a small selection of the countless applications for RPET bags:

  • Carry-out bags from grocery stores: These bags can be used to transport groceries from the store to one’s home, and they are also an excellent choice for transporting food items while shopping in the cookware section of the grocery store.
  • Cleaning supplies Because of their durability and ability to absorb liquids, RPET bags make excellent cleaning cloths.
  • Disposal of pet waste: RPET bags can be used to collect pet waste and can also be used as liners for trash cans. RPET bags are multipurpose and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Backpacks for school Children love to use RPET bags as backpacks for school because not only are they long-lasting, but they also have a trendy appearance.
  • Mail carrier baskets: If you’re a mail carrier, you know that standard mailbags aren’t very long-lasting. If you use a mail carrier basket, however, you won’t have this problem. If you replace them with RPET mailboxes, your mail carriers won’t have to worry about mailbags getting damaged during delivery.

Why Use An Rpet Bag?

An RPET bag can be put to use in a wide variety of ways, including the following:

  • Make sure that legally binding documents like leases and contracts are kept in a place where they can be quickly retrieved.
  • Make sure that your work materials are well-organized and simple to get to at all times.
  • Make sure that your laptop, tablet, and any other electronic devices are kept in a safe and secure location.
  • For convenience’s sake, you should always include any relevant documents or folders in your emails.
  • Save your most important jotted down thoughts and reminders.


The RPET bag is a flexible piece of gear that can be put to a variety of different uses, making it an invaluable asset. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gym bag to bring with you when you go for a run or a work bag that can help you organise your desk and keep your belongings safe and secure; the RPET bag has got you covered in either case. It is my hope that reading this article has provided you with some inspiration regarding how you can make the most of the RPET bag’s capabilities and that it will be of assistance to you in locating the model that is best suited to meet your requirements. Many thanks for taking the time to read this!

Have A Group Term Life Insurance Policy? Read More

Group Term Life Insurance plans have become an important component of benefit packages offered to employees by corporations.  In reality, the majority of fraternal organisations provide group life insurance coverage to their team members. Although there is much you need to consider, you should seriously think about offering this valuable product for the protection of your organisation and the welfare of your employees.

This article will provide everything you need to know about a Group Term Life Insurance Policy.

What exactly is a Group Term Life Insurance Policy?

A group term life insurance plan is insurance coverage offered to a big group of individuals. In the case of the death of any of the policyholders, this group life insurance policy provides financial security to his or her family. Its purpose is to offer a monetary assurance to the signed beneficiary under the coverage of a group life insurance policy in the event of the policyholder’s unfortunate death.

How do Group Term Insurance Policies Work?

A group term insurance plan is a policy that safeguards the family of the insured in case anything happens to the insured himself. This plan works as great protection for the insured’s family members from his financial losses in case of any untoward incidents.

A comprehensive policy is provided to a group administration, which pays a premium amount. This first payment includes coverage for all the members of that group or organisation for a one-year term. Group members have the option of selecting the sum insured. The premium can be paid as a lump sum or the amount can be tied to the member’s salary account or any loan account. Once the insurer has deposited the premium amount, the group members are insured for 12 months from the group life insurance policy’s inception date.

It is important to note that group term insurance policies are renewed yearly. The premium amount is calculated based on changes in the size as well as the age distribution of the relevant age group. So, if you provide group term insurance to a group of young people aged 20 to 30, it will be substantially less expensive than giving it to a group of men in their 40s or early 50s. Again, a group of 15 employees will have lesser premiums than, say, a group of 25 employees.

Why consider Group Term Insurance for your company?

Employers profit from group term life insurance coverage just about as much as the company does. Here is a list of benefits a group life insurance brings to your organisation:

  • Some programmes provide employers with both life insurance and gratuity benefits.
  • The company can easily cover gratuity liabilities with the help of group life insurance plans. Gratuity funds are carefully developed to meet future gratuity payments, lowering the load on the organisation.
  • Group life insurance plans are more cost-effective in India as managing programmes on a group basis is less expensive.
  • Group life insurance is nearly often included as part of an employee benefits package. If you opt not to offer them, your organisation may suffer both qualitative and quantitative personnel losses. Similarly, these insurance plans may assist you in increasing staff retention and morale, which in turn increases productivity.

What are the features of Group Term Insurance Plans?

Group life insurance plans have several appealing characteristics that make them perfect for employee benefit programs. The following are just a handful of the many benefits of group life insurance plans.

  1. Peace of Mind

Business entrepreneurs must expand their enterprises. You may have been the sole owner or CEO of a firm for a long period. During this period, you must build something that will meet your financial demands. However, everyone loses their balance from time to time and is consequently at risk of collapsing. Accidents happen, and while you can’t always control what occurs to your staff and employees, you can offer them the peace of mind of financial support if anything tragic happens.

  1. Improved Workplace Culture

Start-ups and organisations with a large number of talented employees frequently include Group Life Insurance as a part of their employee benefits package. Group insurance coverage helps to offer a sense of security at work while also fostering stronger relationships among the employees.

  1. Price Cut

Most insurance firms provide group insurance plans at a discounted rate based on the size of your company and the number of policies bought. As long as your staff members meet certain basic insurance standards, group life insurance providers can easily offer you a lower premium rate.

  1. Processing is Simple

By lowering the paperwork necessary in the application procedure, group insurance coverage minimises complications. The insurance provider handles all of the paperwork, allowing you to focus on your company more effectively. However, some insurance companies may require Digital Health ID cards to process the coverage.


While the financial necessity of group life insurance is significant, companies should ideally understand its symbolic value too. By offering a product with such unambiguous value, your company can show its employees that it cares about more than just their productivity. Moreover, you’re showing them that overall well-being and health are top priorities for the company and that concerns about their financial security will also be addressed. Allowing your employees peace of mind from both a financial and symbolic point of view is something no employer should ignore.

Installation Of Waterhog Logo Mats Offers 5 Advantages

These mats are one of the most sought-after on the market. These mats are well-known for their unique designs, increased practicality, and longer durability. Water hog floor mats are made from strong thermoplastic polymers like polyethylene and propylene. These mats are often supplied with a bi-level rubber backing. In some cases, water hog floor mats can be made entirely from recycled materials. Waterhog floor mats can be used indoors or outdoors. Waterhog floor mats are available in many sizes and shapes, depending on the fabric or material used as well as the intended purpose. Waterhog mats have a lot of popularity as entry mats. They were made for high-traffic areas. Waterhog floor mats are used to make interior mats. Waterhog logo mats are one of the most sought-after types of Waterhog floor mats. Most water hog logo mats made from UV-resistant polypropylene cloth and backed with molded rubber are made of this material. These mats are great for indoor and outdoor use and have crisp images. Here are the most popular uses of Waterhog logo mats.

Promotion Of A Brand

Logo mats are used to market and promote a company’s brand. These mats can be used to promote and market WaterHog Silver Entrance Mats. Personalized Waterhog floor mats can be a great way to promote your business name. Contact a reliable matting company that specializes in Waterhog logo tiles to discuss personalization. Your company logo and/or brand name can be printed on the Waterhog logo mat. Waterhog logo mats can create razor-sharp pictures. The mats are made of high-quality materials, which ensures that they will last a lifetime and that the printed image will not fade. The personalized Waterhog logo mat should not be placed in an incongruous location such as the entrance to your business.


Waterhog logo mats can also be used for marketing and advertising campaigns. Imagine that you are offering a special discount or a sale on a particular product. This information can be printed on the Waterhog floor mat to inform your clients or customers. These promotional Waterhog mats should be displayed in prominent areas, such as at the point of sale or in product advertisement. You can customize your Waterhog entry mats with marketing material to notify guests about a sale or promotional event.

Professional Prospects

Waterhog floor mats are very popular because of their traditional designs. Waterhog entrance mats are a great way to impress clients as they enter your building. These mats can be customized to become Waterhog logo mats, which will enhance the visual appeal of your business. Your company will look more professional if the logo is properly printed and in bright colors.

Safety On The Ground

Waterhog logo mats provide basic functions as well as these specialized features. These mats increase traction at work, decreasing the chance of trips, slips, and falls.

Protection Of The Floor

Waterhog logo mats can also be used to protect your floors and keep your home clean. The logo mats should go at the entrance to trap dirt, debris, and moisture. This will ensure a clean interior.

Best stock trading apps to use?

In this digital age, trading is moving towards mobile platforms. Be it a traditional stockbroker or a new age apps-based platform that is finding its foothold in the world of stocks and shares online (you can check here to find one that works). With many applications available on the Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore, choosing which ones to use can be confusing at times.

So if you’re looking for some of the best stock trading apps to use, read on. Here is a compiled list below:


SaxoTraderGo is a feature-packed app that has been around since the inception of the iPhone. It’s perfect for all those serious about trading because it provides real-time quotes, live streaming newsfeed and daily news updates to keep you in the know.

Free accounts are available even with minimum deposit requirements, but their premium service can get pretty expensive.


The Robinhood app has been one of the most popular free trades apps for quite some time now, with over 2 million downloads from their Android version alone. A simple interface sends your friends exciting notifications whenever you buy or sell a share. Also, it gives you the flexibility of using your phone as a remote for their web version so you can place trades from any device.

The app is free and doesn’t charge anything extra on top of the cost of buying and selling stocks, unlike most other brokers. Robinhood also has no account minimum, and if that wasn’t enough, they offer up to $1000 for referrals. However, remember that not all states are eligible to use the service.

GoPro (GPRO)

The GoPro stock price isn’t doing too well now, but there’s always hope for recovery ahead. The best thing about this app is its real-time quotes which give you second by second updates on how the market is moving. Also, over 15technical indicators are available to help you analyze your portfolio.

Although GoPro isn’t as popular as Robinhood, the app is free to download and glimpse how stock apps can revolutionize the trading world in one simple click.


Zacks has been one of the top finance apps for quite some time now, with a 4.5 rating on Google PlayStore. The fact that it’s completely free, full-fledged and offers no limitations or distractions makes Zacks an obvious choice for investors looking for a little more from their stocks & shares application. The web version of their services provides real-time quotes with detailed charting capabilities. To add icing to the cake, you don’t even need to log in every day because their cloud service takes care of everything for you.

TD Ameritrade

Td Ameritrade happens to be another one of the best stock trading apps available because it offers a fully functional mobile version that’s compatible with all devices. The app is free and provides nearly every feature you need from a regular brokerage. Also, they have no account minimum, which means smaller investors can also participate in the frenzy.

The only downside to TD Ameritrade is that there are pop up ads, but these can be removed by paying $9.99 per month. Overall it’s still an excellent application if real-time quotes & charting capabilities are what you’re looking for.

If you need more than just information on how the market moves, you’re looking for a more advanced stock application with real-time quotes and charts; then these applications are the best. They all offer great features at no cost and might even earn you that extra buck by referring friends or family members. However, if simple information and tracking capabilities are all you need from your investment app, there are plenty of those as well, which have been listed down below.

Bottom line

In the end, it’s essential to keep in mind what exactly your requirements are so you can find an application that suits them perfectly. The above apps simplify choosing, but ultimately, it is up to you how much you wish to grow or invest. So happy trading, everyone.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Boiler Repair Service

Every homeowner should remember that when they are experiencing problems with their boiler, it is not wise to attempt to repair it on your own. Calling in an experienced boiler repair service is a much better option because they are experts and can handle the boiler because they are trained and qualified to do so. But, you have to opt for a reliable boiler repair service to ensure this. How can you do that? Follow the tips below:

Look at their qualifications and experience

First things first, you need to make sure that the boiler repair service you are considering has the right qualifications and experience. Check the number of years they have been in operation to determine their experience and look at their staff to know what kind of qualifications they have.

Check their reputation

Good boiler repair services would not only have years of experience, but also have a well-established reputation that makes them a credible and trustable choice. Always do your research to determine what kind of reputation they have. How to go about it? The best way to assess the reputation of a boiler repair service is by taking a look at their reviews.

The customer reviews can give you the best insight into a company and the kind of services it can provide. The internet is an excellent resources for this purpose and you will be able to find all relevant information. Good services, such as, will also be ready to provide references.

Assess the repair costs

A key factor that can help you choose the best boiler repair service is the cost involved. Ask for quotes from several services and do a comparison to find an affordable option that can also give you top-notch services. You don’t have to pay exorbitant prices to get quality services.

A Quick Guide to Selecting a First Response Training Provider

You will come across a horde of first response training providers when you start looking for one to train your workforce. Of course, this is not something you can neglect because you want your staff to be well-prepared to deal with any kind of problems. The problem is that it can be challenging to know which provider to select, but the good thing about variety is that you can find one that doesn’t just meet but actually exceeds your expectations. How to select one? Let’s find out:

  • Check the courses

The first place to begin when you are looking for a first response training provider is to check their workplace training courses. There are different types of courses that can be found, such as those that primarily focus on first aid and others that also include food hygiene, fire safety as well as social care. You need to consider the courses available and shortlist first response training providers accordingly.

  • Look at their staff

It is a must to know who will be providing training to your employees. When you want to equip your workforce with some essential skills, you do not want to handover the responsibility to someone who cannot handle it. Make sure you choose a provider who has the properly qualified and experienced trainers who can provide not just adequate, but quality training to your employees.

  • Check their reputation and reviews

You also need to do your homework where the first response training provider is concerned, which means checking their reputation and the reviews they have received. This will further confirm if they are really capable of providing the services they claim.

Along with these factors, you can also consider the charges and any certification the provider may offer to your employees for first response training.

How To Differentiate Between a Good and A Bad SEO Company?

SEO forms the foundation of digital marketing. Since the evolution of marketing, internet marketing has come up as the best option to advertise your products online with little or no hassle and high productivity. There has been a Skyfall increase in the number of brands that incorporate digital marketing in their marketing strategy today.

This increases the importance of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it is the algorithm of the search engines which determines the rank of the webpage on the search engine result page. A little or no web users venture to visit the second page of the search engine results, this increases the need of staying on the first page.

Moreover, the better the rank on the first page, the more traffic your page will attract and more revenue will be generated. Thus, your SEO game must be impeccable. If you are new to SEO, then you must take the assistance of some SEO experts who will walk you through the strategies or perhaps execute them too.

If your business is based in Sydney and you are looking for some SEO agency in Sydneythen the best option available to you is Australian Internet Advertising. They are the best SEO experts when it comes to Australia. They are the certified marketing partners of Google and Facebook. They have been in the marketing business for a long time, their experience will help you achieve a lot which you can alone.

They prepare such pieces of content for their customers which attract huge traffic. They believe in results and not mere statistics thus, they do not rest on getting a high rank on the SERP, their goal is to generate real monetary benefits for you. They conduct various tests like error tests, page speed, internal linking, etc. which allows them to deliver the finest results to you.

Signs of a good SEO agency

1- They focus on your site content- an expert understands that the strategy of spamming the content with keywords is a thing of the past. Google is getting smarter by the day and it values content quality over anything. A good content manager would add content specific webpages to the website.

2- They would also modify the site structure to improve the visibility of certain search terms. They do not hesitate in optimizing all the site structure if that is what’s required to be done. An expert understands that changing the site structure can improve the conversion rate.

3- They are helping and cooperative- An expert who knows his job well has nothing to hide from his clients and works in a very transparent manner. An expert would regularly update you with work reports for you to understand the progress of the work that is been executed on the website. Besides that, they are happy to advise you at all times.


SEO is not a child’s play, if done in a shoddy manner, you can lose more than you gain. Thus, you must hire an expert in the field to execute the job. It is a small investment towards the job.

How Smart Are Our Smart Cars?

The Prodigal Child of the Automotive Industry

DON’T LET ITS PETITE LOOK confuse you with its superb performance delivery on modern road – the micro city coupe “ForTwo” is just above 8 feet long, less than 5 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Weighing 818 kilograms and 3 feet shorter than a Mini Cooper, this Vikings have roll cages similar to racecars, anti-lock (ABS) brakes, advanced electronics, microprocessors and superior drivetrain that offer better stability, braking and general comfort. It has luxury enhancements such as GPS navigation, reverse sensing, night vision, assisted parking, climate control, smart card and keyless voice control. Of course, the smartest car is the one that is fully automated and drives itself.

A smart car is a mini-compact two-seater with advanced electronics and microprocessor that are perfect for crowded places and city driving. The first prototype known as the Micro Compact Car (MCC) was developed in 1994 by Swatch and Daimler-Benz and this ‘Swatchmobile’ was exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. In fact, the word ‘Smart’ derives from cooperation between Swatch and Mercedes: Swatch Mercedes ART. The updated Smart “ForTwo” was released in 2008 in the USA.

What’s so smart about it?

The idea of building a small car came with Nicolas Hayek, the inventor of Swatch watches. He wanted to make a small car that would be fuel-efficient, environmental friendly and easy to park in confined spaces. Today, his progeny at DaimlerAG’s Smart division and other automakers such as Renault, and General Motors (GM) offer cars that have electric motors or hybrid engines and are fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Although initially people were hesitant to go for Smart, now the notion is changing. Till date, more than 750,000 ForTwos have been sold in Europe and Japan. Subcompacts are also gaining much attention to the trend. Waiting lists and pre-booking for Tesla and Chevrolet Volt show that people are more concern about fuel economy and the environment. The Smart line has conveniently positioned itself among the high-end design and technology segment that targets urban upper middle class, especially the younger generation.

These micro-cars are small in stature but big on economy. Compared to a 7 feet wide Hummer H1, ForTwo is only 5 feet wide. In real life application this means that a Smart Car can back right up to the curb instead of parallel parking in line with other cars. Two or three Smart Cars can park that way in a single curbside parking space. In fact, Swatch wanted to make such a car initially for USA and European market, where parking space and gasoline come at a premium. The cars are ultra-maneuverable and quick of the line – it can even beat many supercars when it comes to acceleration in the city traffic. With its diminutive length, ForTwo can turn within a jaw-dropping 22.8 feet circle, compared to 35.7 feet from a Honda Civic.

With its Tridion Safety Cell in the front, Smart has also governed the safety issue quite well. This stiff structure activates a crumple zones of a colliding vehicle which creates a safety bubble around the passengers. The second generation ForTwo has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars in the Euro NCAP Adult Occupant Protection.

ForTwo is one of the most fuel-efficient four-wheeled vehicle with a conventional gasoline engine in the market. Obviously it cannot compete with a hybrid when it comes to mpg numbers, but it has an artsy design and is certainly easier to park than a conventional four-wheeler. It can snatch the last parking spot virtually anywhere and comes with a vast of color options for its unibody and Tridion Safety Cell. Environmentally, Smart is the most promising four-wheeled vehicle. As it is electric driven, it does not cause any environment pollution.

However, in case of price, Smarts are not so smart and never have been. The base price of a ForTwo automatic drive is $20,640 in the U.S. and $19,650 in the European market, not to mention the $28,750 price-tag of the all-electric ForTwo Cabrio (smart ED). Buyers seeking fuel efficiency also seeks bank account efficiency, and they can find a small conventional car with decent mileage for several thousand dollars less than the cost of a ForTwo.

The electrically assisted power steering offers very little haptic feedback from road surface, making ForTwo jump excessively at road bumps. The disc and drum brakes also feel artificial in expert hands.

The Smarts are also slow when it comes to speed and mileage. Although quick of the line, the latest ForTwos Cabrio can hit 0-60 mph in 10.2 seconds, compared to 5-7 seconds required for most of the conventional sedans. Its top speed has been capped only at 81 mph, as excessive speed drastically cuts mileage and electric range. The projected 70-80 miles of single range is also not practical when it needs 3 hours of charging through a 240-volt outlet or 16.5 hours through a 120-volt household plug.

Even Smarter

DaimlerChrysler debuted an all-electric version of the Smart Car, the ForTwo EV, at the British Motor Show in July 2006. Now in 2018, if offers ForTwo Electric Drive – a quirky hatchback with $24,550 price-tag and a mid-mounted, 80-hp electric motor that runs 70 miles with a single charge. The latest ForTwo Cabriolet is the ‘convertible’ version of the quintessential Electric Drive. Like its forebear, Cabriolet also comes with an electric powertrain and a surprisingly spacious cargo room.

ForTwo is not the only one in the Smart line. Toyota’s Scion iQ was a worthy competitor which held most of the Smart car records before its demise in 2015. Now, ForTwo faces stiff competition with Mitsubishi I-MiEV and Fiat 500e. Honda Fit and Chevy Volt may not be the smallest cars in the market, but when it comes to hybrid drivetrain, automotive intelligence and fuel economy, these cars boast a good competition in the Smart segment. Mini Cooper is another challenger that offers stylish yet tough performance. All of this cars are engineered to maximize passenger space, while minimizing exterior length. ForTwo also has its cousins from the Smart segment in Mercedes – Smart Roadster and Forfour. The latter is being rebuilt to offer a pint-sized 4 x 4 SUV for the USA and Brazilian domestic market. Hyundai is currently building complete self-driving cars for the next generation and Samsung is developing in-vehicle infotainment system. Both firms are vying in the industry to introduce hyper intelligent cars.

While it is evident that this Smart is a great choice for city car, what’s less clear is whether it will fully replace the gasoline-powered conventional cars. Only time will give us the answer. But, with fuel prices at historic highs and environment restoration a burning issue, it is the highest time for automakers to offer and consumers to adopt more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly Smart cars for daily commuting.

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