How To Choose A Consultant?

Retreats or meetings are facilitated by a consultant. An extra pair of hands can be offered by a consultant, which entirely depends on your requirements and the approach of the consultant. Expertise can be provided by a consultant, something that you may not get in your own company. A mentor can also serve as a consultant. Training can be provided and you can partner for solving various problems of your organization.

Some of the ways of engaging a consultant are given as follows –

Using RFPs

A request for proposals, also called RFP is issued by some organizations when a consultant is needed by them. A fair and unbiased process can be provided by a RFP. Responses can be evaluated by you with the help of a RFP from different consultants. Each proposal when comes in, is evaluated by a team depending on a system of scoring. You can be exposed by the proposal to a wide range of ideas. These ideas are generally about the approaching aim of your project. You will be given the chance to evaluate the price of these projects.

The downside of RFPs

You must remember that RFPs are something that most of the best consultants do not respond to. The best bid can easily be identified with the help of RFPs. Sometimes, the exact approach or the best consultant is not required to solve a problem.

The consultants take a lot of time to respond to a RFP. It is mostly very difficult to know the real requirements of the organization depending on the RFP. It is very necessary to have a conversation with your consultant to develop and explain the approach easily. You also need to have enough knowledge about the background of the organization.

Hiring a consultant without a RFP

It will be best to organize an in-depth discussion session before hiring a consultant. You must try to collect some background information for a meeting by consulting with some consultants who have worked previously on the same issue. General information about your company must be provided to the consultant.

Evaluating fit

The consultant should be a good member of your company. Questions will often be asked by the consultant in an interview to know more about your organization. He will also try to understand the issue properly for which he will be appointed.

Follow the above mentioned ways properly in order to hire a good consultant for your company, one that can help to make you successful in your own business.

Resilience Training For Leaders

A leader is someone that works with a team to achieve goals and accomplish tasks. However, a leader is more than that – they are an inspiring force that encourages members to be productive and contribute to the organisation in a positive way.

To see improvement in the performance of your team, it is essential to become a better leader. You can do so understanding your leadership style, building resilience, remaining positive, listening and communicating, and encouraging contributions.

Understand Your Style of Leadership

The first step to becoming a better leader is to understand what your leadership style is and how it affects team members and productivity. You should also assess your strengths and weaknesses, looking for areas of improvement.

You can take leadership quizzes to figure out your style of leadership and how the qualities of your leadership style help or hinder workplace situations.

Grow Your Resilience

Resilience is the ability one has to bounce back from strife and overcome challenges and difficulties that are thrown their way. To become a better leader, it is necessary to build resilience by taking part in a resilience training program and working with experts that can help you learn invaluable techniques and strategies to conquer the workplace.

Train your resilience by taking classes, participating in workshops, and practising mindfulness both at work and in your personal life. Group members can also participate in a resilience training program, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Remain Positive

A positive attitude goes a long way in motivating and inspiring others, so put on a happy face and keep your attitude upbeat. It may not be possible to show up to work each and every day in a good mood, but once you train your resilience it becomes easier to focus on the task at hand and keep negativity from impacting your workplace performance.

Even when your team members seem disheartened, staying positive can help them overcome challenges and push through difficulties and problems.

Listen & Communicate

Active listening and communication skills are two very important things that a leader should practice as often as possible. Communicate with team members often, keeping them up to date on the happenings of the organisation and inspiring them to meet goals and accomplish tasks.

By communicating, you maintain rapport with members of your group and they are more likely to make valuable contributions to the organisation.

Accept & Encourage Contributions

What’s the point of having a team if you don’t listen to any of their ideas? Let your team members know that their ideas are welcome, encouraging them to become involved in decisions. You don’t have to accept every idea; listen to their contributions and use them to come up with a plan or solution.

You’ll still have final say over the decision, but your team members will feel like they have taken an active role and participated in the process, building connections and establishing trust. You also gain important insight.

Becoming a better leader benefits you, your team members, and the organisation you are working with. Keep these tips in mind if you want to better lead your team.

How Can I Start a Gold Business in Dubai?

When Dubai is mentioned, their gold and diamond collection is one of the first things to come to mind because it is a trend in the emirate. Referred to as the “City of Gold”, the place offers a cheaper cost of gold than most tourists’ home countries. Since Dubai is a popular international vacation destination, the influx of the wealthiest customers can be significantly considered if you want to start a gold business.

Indeed, gold is an investment in Dubai as it drives foreign capital in the country. Unknown to many, it is the most profitable business since the precious metals keep their value, and the demand has been continually working every year. While Dubai has historically been a hub for gold traders, they also continuously contribute a significant share in the gold trading business in the UAE. If you are an investor, you should definitely consider setting up a gold trade business in Dubai. If you are not sure how, this article will help you delve deep before the onset of your gold business. With more knowledge and understanding, you can start making a profit out of gold, even in different departments.

Where exactly in Dubai?

There are different authorities and jurisdictions that highly support gold trading licenses in Dubai. Most of them can be found in Mainland and Freezone. Although there are many, there are three jurisdictions that stand out in Dubai where the highest concentration of gold traders can be found.

First on the list would be the Gold Trading License in Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED), wherein the heart of the UAE’s gold market is established. This authority is how you incorporate a business in the most famous gold markets in the world, the Gold Souk in Deira. The mainland jurisdiction offers a local license via the DED if an investor opts to form a retail outlet in this area. They can have an opportunity for investors to open up a stall or even a kiosk in Dubai’s most popular tourist areas. Investors must keep in mind that before applying for another commercial license for gold business via the DED, they have to find a local partner who will hold 51 per cent of the shares in the company.

The second choice for setting up a gold trade business in Dubai would be in the Gold and Diamond Park located along Sheikh Zayed Road. If you are an expat wanting to own 100 per cent of the business, this place is perfect for you as it is a free zone company setup. You can own 100% of your company with no taxes and have total resettlement of profit. The Gold and Diamond Park is one of the most famous retailers of gold and jewellery with over 90 stores, 118 purpose-built manufacturing blocks, and 350 offices. It is a convenient spot in Dubai City Center, with convenient access to all areas. You can incorporate a gold business company in this area by getting a license from Jebel Ali Freezone Authority (JAFZA).

The third choice for your gold business in Dubai is through Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), another Free Zone Authority. DMCC is famous for its Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), DMCC Trade flow, and overall gold value chain.

What are the steps?

The next thing you need to know is how you will make your gold business in Dubai happen. Different authorities and jurisdictions require other processes and requirements, so it is not easy to have one. Although the gold and jewellery business is popular in Dubai, the government has created specific regulations. It imposes rigorous checkups on those who bring gold or other precious metals in the emirate to have a safe business environment. To guide you, we have listed some of the essential steps you should do to form a gold business company in Dubai..

Come up with a Trade Name

Before you can obtain a license, part of its statutory requirement is to have a trading name. Having a trading name is a way for the government to know the business activity you will be carrying.

Obtain a Business License

There is no way to start a business in Dubai without having a business license. As mentioned above, you can choose to start your gold business in Dubai with the three different authorities like DED, JAFZA, and DMCC. They all require investors to have their business registered before carrying out their business activity. Unlike JAFZA and DMCC, which is in the Free zone, DED requires a particular requirement of having a local sponsor who will own 51 percent of the shares before he/she can obtain a business license. Usually, getting a license requires some of the primary documents:

Completed Application form

Passport copy of the proposed owner(s)

Two copies of coloured passport photos

Choose your Business Premises

There are various premises to choose from, especially if you opt to set up in the free zone area. They can offer you different offices or facilities that will best suit your business requirements. This process can be done right after you have secured your business license.

Obtain your Visa

Obtaining a visa can be achieved with the help of your service provider. Visas are required, especially if you have to hire an employee. As the holder of a UAE business license, you also have the power to sponsor others for their visa too. The number of visas you can apply for will depend on the size of your company or business, the type of company you choose, and your earnings.

Since Dubai has proven itself as a healthy and sustainable environment for jewellery and gold business both local and international investors, it is safe to say that starting a gold company in Dubai is highly profitable and can provide growth for the business.

Given all the information above, you may think that starting a gold business in Dubai is not overly complex. Doing it alone may still lead you to troublesome situations and unexpected expenses; that is why it is essential to seek professional help. In IBG Consulting, we guide you based on knowing the legal proceedings and business structuring in Dubai. We have a pool of talented consultants that will help you start your gold business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. If you want to know more about how you can create a gold business in Dubai, contact us or visit our website for a consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing Salesforce in Healthcare?

Every industry needs to evolve with time and the same goes with the healthcare industry as well. We are currently living in a digital age where we want everything in a simplified manner and well within our reach. With an end goal to lead change, numerous healthcare systems are looking for transformative arrangements that can be coordinated into their system architecture comprising of the data warehouse, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) frameworks, payer administrative systems, etc. In this blog, we will focus on how we can use Salesforce CRM for enhanced customer experience.

  1. Encouraging self-service

Self-service is one of the most effective ways to engage customers, enhance their experience, reduce the workload of staff and improve the overall efficiency. By utilizing Salesforce, patients and individuals can utilize the Salesforce Customer Community channel to safely sign into their health care accounts. The Salesforce Health Cloud with its rich API structure and back-end EHR frameworks coordination can help in pulling clinical and CRM information on a client which will provide transparency and empower the patient to see their clinical history, health profile, fill forms, access test results, current care plans, send messages to their suppliers, update individual data, etc. Salesforce Knowledge can likewise be incorporated as a source that presents articles about preventive care, better living, and other customized subjects related to health matters. Having the capacity to get to this data from a single community landing page implies less time spent rounding out administrative work whenever a client strolls into an office. These capacities improve consumer loyalty as well as propel individuals and patients to be progressively occupied with self-care.

  1. Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

Constant notification and timely reminders help patients to monitor their health record in this fast-paced world where getting lost in work and other chores is a usual sight which may affect their health. Through the Salesforce Customer Community and Health Cloud, individuals and patients can go without much of a stretch sign in to their records through any internet browser, get to their supplier or any other individual on their consideration group, and book a meeting with them. Through AppExchange arrangements like Kyruus Provider Match for Salesforce, clients can utilize their supplier identifier, look into their supplier’s calendar, and book an arrangement dependent on their accessibility. To reduce the requirement for manual operations, tedious telephone calls, which opens up the supplier’s staff to concentrate on higher-value services like aiding in-office patients, one must focus on automating this procedure and making it accessible on the web.

  1. Empower online payments

Enhancing the overall customer experience cannot be achieved without focusing on online payments. Every customer wants a hassle-free online payment method. To limit the potential income impact and improve the payment experience for patients, healthcare frameworks need to make it simple for patients to pay their bills. One approach to accomplish this is to empower patients to pay their medicinal services charges a similar way they pay their different bills – on the web. Utilizing Salesforce Customer Community and Health Cloud, individuals and patients can undoubtedly sign into their record and view current transactions, (for example, prescriptions, office visits, medicines, and so forth.) and the measure of their money-related commitment as per their health plan’s coverage. Other benefits of online payment are as follows –


From the above discussion, it is quite evident that customers in the health care segment are demanding a higher level of services particularly since they’re the ones paying for it. Health care service providers must meet the higher expectations of customers by staying more proactive and implementing innovative digital solutions to streamline the traditional process. Health care sector can take a gander at Salesforce to establish a solid operational establishment and a versatile procedure to meet future opportunities and challenges.

Why Heat Exchangers Are Crucial In UHT And HTST Processing

The heat exchanger is one of the integral parts of processing through UHT and HTST. Due to the wide use of pasteurization, especially the HTST process, when it comes to food and beverages, it’s important to know how each step of the process adds to the value of what is being pasteurized. There are different parts and layers when it comes to a system.

Before anything else, it’s important to understand what pasteurization is and how important it is as a part of food consumption.

Pasteurization of Food

When you think of pasteurization, you think of a method that’s used to preserve something to ensure that it has a prolonged shelf life. Although that’s one of the many benefits included when food is pasteurized, it’s not the only thing that food manufacturers and storers focus on. Pasteurization also ensures that you’re destroying pathogenic organisms before packing food.

Pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, molds, and yeats need to be reduced in order to ensure the longevity of what’s going to be packed. When you reduce the amount of these organisms, you’re also reducing the risk of shipping out contaminated food to consumers which could, in turn, poison them.

What’s the use of a plate heat exchanger?

A plate heat exchanger or any heat exchanger, in general, is used for a wide variety of tasks concerning industrial processes. From air conditioning components to being integral parts of cooling and heating system, they’ve become must-haves in order to efficiently control the temperature of most machinery.

Heat exchangers can be designed in a manner that lets the user reach a specific temperature and maintain it without damaging any of the other parts of a device. This means that it’s incredibly useful for usage with a multitude of what would be generic devices such as fans, belts, coolants, tubes, linings and condensers.

What is the HTST pasteurization method?

HTST, which stands for High Temperature/Short Time, is a pasteurization method that is utilized by many manufacturers today. It’s widely used by food companies to ensure the longevity of the food and beverages that they produce. It utilizes a heat exchange unit that is able to transfer the thermal energy from the foodstuff and maintain the temperature.

As long as the temperature is maintained at a designated high level, most pathogenic organisms which could be classified as harmful contents when consumed are reduced greatly. This process is incredibly efficient and has proven to save costs on energy and is one of the best ways to guarantee that the environmental concerns are minimal.

What is the UHT pasteurization method?

The Ultra-High Temperature method of pasteurization is used by companies that want a faster process that can still ensure a longer shelf life for food products. The main difference between HTST and UHT is you’d have to ensure that you package all of the foodstuff contents into sterile containers. This also means that you have to maintain a sterile environment

Systematically-Planned Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Can Result in Organization Growth

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are strategically important in enhancing competitiveness and growth of an organization. Typically acquisitions, mergers and divestitures happen on an aggressive timeline in order to ensure the success the changes. It is important to understand that the primary purpose of any mergers and acquisitions is not to grow big fast but for small companies to do what they do better.

How consulting help business to achieve the successful M&A?

Consulting firms and consultants helps small business firms improve their chances of successful mergers and acquisitions through a result-oriented and integrated approach that links merger integration, acquisition strategy and diligence. The mergers & acquisitions consulting firms usually build a strong M&A capability that forms the foundation for the success in five important steps.

1. Acquisition strategy:

Consulting firm helps small business their M&A programs as a vector of growth strategy. They will work with companies to decide where to invest and where to divest in line with corporate strategy. This helps companies to prioritize their growth opportunity and develop tailored M&A programs based on the previous experience.

2. Divestitures and separations:

Mergers and acquisitions consulting professionals alongside companies in order manage their portfolios and decide where to growth where to grow and where to shed. Management can better focus its attention on its core business and unlock substantial shareholder value, by thoughtfully divesting non-core assets or separating organizations.

3. Joint ventures and alliances

Consultants assist clients throughout the joint venture process, which is strategy development, operating implementation and partner selection. Due to their in-depth knowledge and vast experience in this domain, many consultants across the world have found that alliances between two or more business ventures go wrong most frequently due to the neglect of the strategy development.

Years of understanding of this domain have helped the consulting firm to focus disproportionately on ensuring that the M&A deals are structured correctly from the outsets. Also, consultants structure deal with a very clear, shared vision and a solid understanding of mutual economics.

4. Merger integration

Companies have to nail a short of critical actions, in order to make an M&A pay off. It is important to understand that merging any two business ventures requires rigorous follow-through on a long list of integration tasks. Being a quality focused name, the quality of merger integration is always maintained in accordance with industry laid norms and regulations.

As a small business venture, you should understand that merger integration is hard to do with help from professionals who hold expertise in their area of work. Many consulting firms follow the unique approach that is tailored to the specifics of M&A deal to capture value from day one.

5. Strategic due diligence

Many experienced consultants collaborate seamlessly with the team of their clients in order to help them make better-informed investment decisions. Keeping the track of latest happening of this domain, they generate insights through diligence to prove or disprove the deal thesis.

6. Acquisition screening

In a zest to attain maximum satisfaction, consulting firm help clients develop an investment thesis that is precisely aligned with their growth opportunities. They work to enhance deal flow by screening specific and diverse targets based on criteria set in the M&A strategy. In addition to this, they develop a roadmap for approaching targets.

Fraudulent Tranfer of Assets

When creating an asset protection plan one must be extremely careful to transfer the assets prior to any problem (such as a lawsuit) occurring. The reason for this is rule is stated below.

A fraudulent transfer of assets occurs when assets are transferred with the intention of ‘hindering delaying or defrauding’ your creditors. If a transfer is determined to be fraudulent a court will unwind it. Asset protection plans that are created and executed years in advance of need will survive any creditor attack. You should not wait for a problem to arise and then consider creating an asset protection plan.

Asset protection plans must be structured and implemented years in advance of any potential problem. If a plan is set up the day after a judgment the plan has no value. A court may also apply the Badges of Fraud in determining if the transfer was fraudulent. It is difficult to prove your intent. So the badges of fraud are used to try and sort things out. When an individual or business attempts to hide assets which are the subject of a debt collection, divorce, or bankruptcy case, a Court will look for badges of fraud. The badges of fraud for fraudulent asset transfers are:

• A Close Relationship Between The Parties

• A Transfer Apart from the Regular Course Of Business

• Inadequate Consideration

• Knowledge Of A Creditor’s Claim

• Retention Of Control Of The Property

If the badges of fraud are found to be true then the court may move to have the assets placed back into the hands of the original owner where the creditors can move to attach the asset. That is why it is important to set up an asset protection plan in advance.

A Plan Is Worth It’s Weight In Gold

Have you ever tried to build a building without having a solid plan? A blueprint? When was the last time you decided what you were going to do tomorrow? When was the last time you wrote down your objective to achieve a goal? When was the last time you did a thing or two without having a set idea?

If you haven’t, then stop reading this article and go do it. You see, a gameplan gives you direction. It gives you something to shoot for. It gives you something you can compare your performance to. It gives you something that you can measure yourself against. It gives you something that you can compare your performance to.

You see, preparation becomes the measuring sticks for all your actions. And nothing helps a person achieve more than a plan. And if you don’t have a plan, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Plans help identify what you don’t know, what you want to change, and what you don’t want to change. They help identify where you need to grow, and where you need to grow.

In fact, an exact design is the ONLY thing that allows you to grow. Nothing else, no matter how perfect and how wonderful, can grow you beyond the design. A plan is the only thing that grows a person past that idea.

In a nutshell, you need a to prepare so you know where you are shooting for, and where you are already shooting for. You need a blueprint because it’s the only thing that grows a person past the planning phase.

I mean, if you don’t have a plan, then you’re on your own. You can’t grow beyond whatever limitations your plan is. No one can grow you beyond whatever limitations your plan is. And even if you do have a plan, then that’s only as good as your knowledge of where you are shooting for. And if you know where you are already, then you know where you are not. You know what you’re missing. You know what to add. Your plan is just plan. It’s not a plan for life.

A plan is simply a framework for life.

In that, a plan is worthless. Nothing can replace a plan for growing beyond the plan. Nothing.

You might want a plan. You might decide I need a plan. But a plan alone? Forget it. A plan alone can only serve as a framework in which everything else can grow. Nothing more. And nothing less. That’s because a plan is a starting point. A framework without a course, an experience, a motivation to get there, is an empty vessel. And empty vessels sink without trace.

It is why you often need a plan to get anywhere. It is why you need a plan to start a business. It is why you need a plan to achieve a goal. No one can fill their plan with anything better than themselves. Not your plan. They are your plan. They are your motivation. They are who you are. And when you start with a true plan, you start with yourself.

And as you know, if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. You will find a way to grow beyond your plan. That’s why it is so important to have a plan. It gives a start point. It gives a frame to shoot for. It gives a horizon to determine where you are and to determine where you are going. Without a plan, you can become lost in the wilderness.

But a plan is not enough. You need a plan to grow beyond the plan. You need a plan to shoot for a goal beyond your plan. You need a plan to shoot for a goal that seems unattainable. You need a plan so massive so massive so massive that it makes your heart sing just to create it. That is why the best plans are not plans so simple so simple that you may actually believe that you could achieve it. The best plans are not simple in idea so simple that you could believe you could achieve it. The best plans are in fact massive and quite difficult. Massive so massive that even if you believed you could do it, you wouldn’t be able to. It is the plan so massive that only a force of a magnitude greater than you could ever possibly imagine can create it. It is the plan so large that any forces of opposition and any challenges to its realization would be eliminated. The best plans are the ones that can make you believe in its reality. And in this reality, you are allowed to believe what would be impossible for anything else.