The Art Of Disruption

Today in business there seems to be a theory that “if it ain’t broke, then no need to fix it”. Whilst I agree to a point, the issue really becomes, why do things the way they have always been done just because they have been done that way?

This is where the art of disruption comes into play.

Who says you can’t reinvent the way that you do things?

Who says there isn’t a better and more effective way to run your business or engage with your clients?

You see as it is YOUR business… it’s YOUR rules!

The disruption model is how I have naturally done things in business right from day one without even realising.

Firstly, with my first brand, by me starting that with only $50, not spending a cent on marketing or advertising and then having a global brand. I didn’t have the “experience” or “business knowledge” at the start but I knew that I had a great product that people loved and that was all I needed but I never wanted to do it the traditional way. When it came to the proper business issues, I ensured they were molded into how we were already doing things and not the way everyone else was doing it. Our procedures had personality.

And now with my new business, what we have managed to do is to disrupt the “norm” when it comes to the whole referral process and word of mouth. Who says it always has to be done the way it always has? Not me!

We as a company are always looking internally as to how we can disrupt the normal way that we do things. It creates a culture of creativity and your industry thrives on creativity so this should be an easy way for you to think.

Running a business, the same way everyone is doing it or the way you always have doesn’t mean that it will work out. You see, when you add a bit of flare, a sense of cheek, a bit of mongrel into the mix, now your business has a personality of its own mixed with you, the owner’s DNA. Your personality, your desired personal outcomes HAS to be put into the business.

I am constantly looking for different and better ways to do things within my businesses. That way it makes running the business more fun (as that is what we should be having every day) and it actually makes you more present and deliberate in what you are doing and not so much on auto pilot mode.

It is very easy to just go with the flow, especially when things seem to be running smoothly. But as the business climate can constantly change, we as business owners need to ensure we are ready to change just as quickly.

So how do you add the disruption model into your business I hear you ask.

Well pretty easily actually. The next time you need to reach out to your customers, market your business or even look at new models to enhance your business growth. Just STOP and take a look at what you are about to do and how you were going to do it. I guarantee you that you would have just done it the same way you have always done it. Sure it may work for you but what if… just what if there was a better way, a cheekier way, a more fun way to do the same thing but due to you applying the disruption method your customers reacted in a better way, the marketing was received better or even your business ran smoother purely because you decided to have fun with the process not just the outcomes.

The “disruption” model enhances our ability to focus on either our systems, procedures, training and even the interaction we have with our clients. It forces you to really look hard at not just how things are done, but more so on whether you are getting the desired results that you were hoping for. I mean let’s face it. How many of you reading this right now have been working your butts off to only “survive”? that’s why maybe chucking a bit of disruption theory into the mix may just be the ting that is needed in your business right now.