Improving Your Sales Meeting Conversion Tips for Business

Here are some tips on the topic, “How to successfully turn your sales or lead meetings into more new business.”

• Have a good preparation for the meeting including having a standard question base to do a great needs analysis on the client, this will sell you well as demonstrate you are organised and are asking all the right questions. This should be done so well, the lead will know you know what you are doing.

• Use soft statements, listen by giving them ample opportunity to be heard, address their concerns as well and use all opportunities to introduce to them the ways you can add value to them.

• Rather than give convoluted price options or tables, give them a bottom line fixed quote or price and clearly state, what are their inclusions.

• Have different available options, try to sell your biggest package first, if that is not taken, reduce the sale to lesser packages.

• Get the simple things right, remind them of their appointment, send an agenda, directions where you are, welcome them with a clean professional office, present yourself well, offer drink or coffee, have testimonials in your waiting area.

• Be able to answer common objections – such as, “I want to think about it”. Respond to them by saying, “can I ask some more questions?, Is that the price you expected? Is this what you need as your solution?” Try to uncover more of their genuine reasons for hesitating.

• A good sales meeting should establish a relationship, identify needs, offer the right solutions, close with an offering which fulfils an underlying motivation which is either an inspiration to the client (such as you too can look this good with our product) or remove their fear (such as with our solution you never have to worry about something again).

• Be able to defend yourself against competitor offerings. Say what is good and unique about you such as your quality, additional service, guarantees, testimonials, bonuses.

• Offer bonuses like they do in the ads. It really works. Often you may think something is normal service offered but saying our price includes for example “within 24hr email response”, “free e-book on solving your something problem” or whatever you can offer, there must be something in your business that is an easy giveaway that samples your brilliance. It can be the slight difference on a tight quote that wins you a deal.

• If you do convert your close, a great idea is to follow through on using your needs analysis – start solving those problems they wanted sorted, stick to the price quote you agreed on, send a welcome email which covers your value, quote and solutions you are giving which can overcome buyer remorse (when a client goes home after a conversion and then rings to cancel it all).